Courses are Open Now!

Here at A&W Driver Education School we’re excited to be back behind the wheel with our first 2022 students! If you’re planning for your license this year, check out our class schedule and reserve your seat.



Teen Courses for First Time Drivers

It can be intimidating to start your journey to becoming a licensed driver. We guide you through the full process of classes, tests, driving practice all the way to getting your license

It's Not to Late to Get your Driver's License

Just because you haven’t driven in the past doesn’t mean it’s too late now – on the contrary, we’re always happy to have adult students in our classes. Reserve your spot and get on the road!


Individual Practice & Skill Refresher Sessions

Have you been driving awhile but feeling in need of a refresher? Maybe you’ve driven on the right for years and need some help adjustiong to left side driving. We gotchya!

Pick Up And Drop Off Options

So how do you get to driving class if you don’t drive? Not to worry – you can add our optional pickup and drop off service and we’ll take care of the driving until you’re ready and licensed for yourself.


State DMV Approved

When you enroll in classes with A&W Driver Education School you can rest assured that you’re working with fully accredited, State of Michigan licensed instructors with loads of experience. Feel free to give us a call if you want to talk before enrolling, or go ahead and reserve your spot today. Either way, we’re in your corer!

In Person, Online & Practice

When you sign up with A&W Driver Education School you don’t just get access to an instructor and some time in a car. We also provide:


Pick Up and Drop Off Services


Individual Driving Sessions for Every Student


Online Materials, Practice Exercises and Quizzes


Additional Driving Hours in Upgraded Packages

Our Courses

We provide classes and driving time in accordance with the Michigan State department of Motor Vehicles’ Licensing  Requirements.


Segment 1 Group Class

Segment One is the first step you take when looking to get your driver’s license. It is a 3 week course, 4 days a week (Mon – Thurs) from 6-8pm.

During Segment One, you will partake in 24 hours of class time, 6 hours of driving, and 4 hours of observing your classmate drive. 

**Packages with extended driving times are available at checkout.

To take Segment One, you must be at least 14 years and 8 months.

$390 – $645


Segment 2 Group Class

Segment Two is the next step you take after finishing segment one. It is a 3 day course from 4-6pm.

Segment Two is a total of 6 hours of class time where at the end you will take a short test. No driving time is included in Segment Two, but you may add on additional driving sessions at checkout if you like.


To sign up for segment two, you must have completed at least 30 of your 50 required hours of driving.



Individual Driving Sessions

Whether you’re a new driver who wants more practice, or an older driver who wants refresher training, we’ve got you covered.

Just order the number of hours of driving practice you want, schedule the first one and checkout. You can schedule the rest of your lessons during your first lesson.

$65 / hr


Pickups and Drop Offs

We know that sometimes the actual ‘getting-to’ and leaving-from’ part of learning to drive is more complicated than the actual class.

Not to worry – if you need to be picked up or dropped off, just choose the package you want with Pick-Up service included, and we’ll be your driver, till you are!

Pick Up and Drop Off Services


Fast, Convenient, Safe

Ready to go? Registration is fast, our classes are convenient and we provide safe, calm lessons designed to put you at ease and build your confidence. Let’s get driving!

Modern Tools & Courses

We offer online lessons to back up our in person classes, along with practice quizzes, flashcards, puzzles and more to help you really retain your new knowledge.

A Team Who Cares

Nervous about working with an instructor who’s intimidating?Relax! Meet our owner Aliceia, who’s the absolute best at putting you or your student driver at ease all the way.


We asked our students to tell us a little about their experiences with our driving classes – these are some of our favorite responses!


“I really enjoyed segment one of the drivers ed. The drunk goggles were fun and the cards were a nice and easy way to learn about the questions on our test. Oveall segment 1 was fun and easy  and I’m looking forward to segment 2!”

“My experience with A&W Driving Ed was fun. I loved all the jokes made and the level of seriousness maintained. I had fun, it was never a dull moment in the room. I also liked the challenging test – it really made me see how life will come at you no matter what is going on. A&W also helped me on my focus and second guessing problem. All the advice will surely be kept and used in my future!”

My experience was fun, and I’ve learned a lot in this class and having fun with the activities. No changes needed – it was great!

Keep up the good work!”


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my drivers license?

It only take 6 months to complete segment 1-2 then you are eligible to take your road test

How much does driver training cost?

We offer three different packages of training in Segment 1, based on how many hours of driving time you’d like to include. The base package (Bronze) gives you the required amount of driving time, but you can add to that to give yourself more practice time or to help you boost your confidence or skillset.

The cost of Segment 2 is a flat fee, with possible add-on costs for pick up  and drop off. You’ll find everything you need to know about our packages here.

When are classes held?

Classes are held Monday through Thursday for Segment 1, and Monday through Wednesday for Segment 2. New class start on the first Monday of each month. You can find open classes by checking our class registration pages here

What happens if I miss a day of class?

If you miss a day a class you must make that day up during the next segment for exp if you miss day 4 you must make up day 4 during the following segment.

What do I do after finishing Segment One?

After you finish segment one, you must take the permit you received after completing Segment One to SOS to get it registered in their system .

What COVID Protections do you have in place? ?

Due to Covid-19 risks class sizes are limited to 10 students per class.  Classes are Monday -Thursday for 3 weeks. Deposits must be received to hold your seat.  Registration is on a first come first serve basis.  Mask MUST be worn at all times in the building and instructors vehicle. NO EXCEPTIONS!! 


Approved Courses For Earning a Permit

Come to the best for your driver education needs, and go home a calm and confident licensed driver, ready to hit the road!


Test preparation and practice


On-road driving skills and practice time


State certified training materials online and off


Pick up and drop off service to help you attend